It's a Wonderful Second Life

Nama  : Fajar noverdian
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Tugas : B. Inggris

Second Life is a virtual world where you can build stuff, buy stuff, hang out with people, and fly. Torley, who really, really loves watermelons, started out as a “resident” of Second Life and now works for its owner, Linden Lab.
- Torley, Linden Lab
He creates video tutorials (225 to date, with over 2 million total views on YouTube) that show Second Life residents how to do everything from find stuff buried in the ground to drive a vehicle to remove body parts. (Well, you can't do that last thing.)
Torley is part of an informal “knowledge group” at Linden Lab that is focused on improving community education. His tutorials are used in marketing, PR, training, and customer support.
And  Most of his tutorials are largely unscripted.

recently posted his 13 Rules to Making Good Video Tutorials, which include some unconventional instructions like: improvise (don't script), no faking, and leave bugs in. As you can see by watching his tutorials, this approach results in a very fun

Not only are the video tutorials recorded “inworld” using Camtasia Studio...they are played back on virtual screens inside Second Life, Second Life tutorial: Finding things buried in the ground Treasure hunting in Second Life?
This tutorial shows how to find stuff buried in the ground.

One final key to being a video tutorial rockstar…Torley actively solicits suggestions for new tutorials and even holds regular “office hours” inside Second Life to talk with residents (a.k.a., customers) about what they want covered in future tutorials.
You may not end up with thousands of raving fans, but if you use videos to engage and train in a fresh, genuine way…you'll be a rockstar, to


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